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End-User Skills Assessment

We provide skills assessments for your employees. Additionally, we will provide a learning plan to help identify and improve areas of weakness. Assessments are typically done on an individual basis and take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.

Skills assessments are designed to establish user competency levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Super-Users and Administrators) and assist your users to stay current on the latest software versions. Attendees will receive a personalized learning plan and learning resources to help close any skill gaps. An Assessment report including assessment scores and test results will be provided to management to help track attendees' learning progress against firm goals. For offices with multiple users, the individual learning plans will be combined to prepare a Training Outline and Syllabus to address the specific requirements of your users.

Skills Assessments can also be conducted for prospective employees ensuring that applicants possess the litigation technology skills required to meet the requirements of the position for which you are hiring.